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. this is a photograph of a story in palatine called soccer plus. bob notrip had a pretty good business going and then he ran into something called show rooming. what that consists of is people who would walk into his store and say i'd like to try on a pair of shoes here or some equipment, they'd find exactly what they want, write down all the information and say thanks, bob. walk out, order it on the internet, and pay for it not paying sales tax on their purchase. so bob every time he tried to sell something and collect the sales tax in illinois which he was required to collect, was at a disadvantage. the people who were buying over the internet. is it fair? well, the supreme court said it's up to congress to decide if it's fair. it's up to congress to decide whether internet sales should be subject to state and local sales taxes. that's why we're here. and for my way of thinking this is just a question of fundamental fairness. we're not talking about imposing a new tax. not at all. we're talking about existing taxes. in my state of illinois incidentally, when i buy something on the internet, i have a l
saw this terrifying epidemic, bob and the country responded with tear targeted for gay people, people of color directly impacted today are the key populations from the beginning. she stopped on the cheap in cascade is she made a comment if you work in hiv now if you're sick of hearing what were all talking about. assorted shows some of the other factors other coming into play, that people could have insurance coverage, but if you don't have a.are you trust, you're not going to come in for care and those things play out everywhere. his extensive research that shows people are more likely to hear that you have the place of lives. that might seem pretty self-evident. we can document this, so lack of affordable housing is a big barrier. still today we have the american factory people pay incredible amount. i have to say i worked in hiv for a long time and when i was at the white house had the privilege to work with mayra. one of the things that surprised me was the extent to which discrimination is still so bad. we did community discussions across the country met privately with people and
that charge. i think a number of those who have looked at it carefully, for example, bob who was the head of the house veterans committee, who is very much embraced my reform ideas for the disability system. he left congress met andy is mayor of san diego. some of them have kind of moved on. i would say there's more hope for reform in the veterans disability area than the overall reform. [inaudible] >> you know, i would say two years ago when we had us do not this december 2 years ago when doug holtz-eakin and i were leading a discussion on the lifting of the debt ceiling, some of the republicans who were there, actually walked out of the room. this year we didn't have that. so, you know, people were more willing to listen, but i think that the extreme wing of the tea party typically does not attend the harvard new members conference this. [laughter] in my experience. >> jessica mathews. among economists, is there significant debate about your estimate, your five to $6 trillion estimate, are you still -- what are the key issues that if we were in a roomful if economists we would be tangli
the road this deal, this possible grand bargain that's being talked about on capitol hill. senator bob corker, republican from tennessee, was on fox news sunday and addressed this issue of a possible deal with democrats on entitlements. take a listen. >> well, again, i think, i think there, by the way, is a chance on a deal. i know the president is saying the right things, and we have an opportunity over the next four to five months. i think that, you know, we'll know when the president is serious by virtue of a process that's set up where he is actually at the table or whether he has a designee and whether he begins to say publicly to the american people, to all americans that he understands that americans are only paying one-third of the cost of medicare, and that has to change for the program to be here down the road. but look, chris, i think, i think republicans if they saw true entitlement reform would be glad to look at tax reform that generates additional revenues. and that doesn't mean increasing rates. that means closing loopholes. it also means arranging our tax system so tha
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4